The Other Pair

boy's shoes
boy's shoes

A heart touching award-winning short film!!!
The director Sarah Rozik made this film based on a real-life experience of Mahatma Gandhi.

This four-minute micro-movie – The Other Pair has no line, but it touched people from different races and cultures in the world. It won the Luxor LUXOR movie award in Egypt.

It tells us: what to keep when you are poor, what to do when you are rich. There is no preaching, and yet it is better than countless words. It is a touching story of two boys with beautiful souls!


 导演莎拉·罗齐克(Sarah Rozik)根据圣雄甘地的真实经历制作了这部电影。

4分鐘微電影 The Other Pair,沒有一句台詞,卻感動了世界上不同文化種族的人,獲埃及盧克索LUXOR電影獎。它告誡了我們:貧苦時該堅守什麼,富有時該如何做,沒有一句說教,卻勝過無數句說教。这是两个有着美丽灵魂的男孩的感人故事!

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