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Miracles Through Love

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in the world. I like to share with you this article ” How Did Father’s Day Begin? ” here on the Father’s Day today. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do. In May of 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Wash., sat in church listening …

Chinese Proverb

This article was originally posted in 2012. Somehow it got lost. I reposted it here to share it with the readers. When a news reporter asked  a successful businessman what was the most important teaching that his father gave him, he replied, “Do one good deed a day.” One day when my son came to …

If you would like to have background music while you are reading, please click on the arrow below.                 Sunset at Maui (Picture was taken on June 13, 7:10 pm.) Where are you: Here. What time is it: Now. Who are you: This moment. I recently attended a seminar by a local psychiatrist. Using testimonials …

  視之不見,名曰夷;聽之不聞,名曰希;搏之不得,名曰微。此三者不可致詰,故混而為一。 其上不皦,其下不昧。繩繩不可名,復歸於無物。是謂無狀之狀,無物之象,是謂惚恍。 迎之不見其首,隨之不見其後。執古之道,以御今之有。能知古始,是謂道紀。 Look, it cannot be seen – it is beyond form. Listen, it cannot be heard – it is beyond sound. Grasp, it cannot be held – it is intangible. These three are indefinable; Therefore they are joined in one. From above it is not bright; From below it is not dark: …

monks walking across a bridge at Beng Milea Temple

The woman who was waiting for crossing the river, in the mind of the older monk, was just a human being and someone who needed help.
When the monk put her down on the riverbank, he put her down completely.


Whether you have self-confidence or not, it directly affects the perception of it. And often, your perspective and attitude is the key to success or failure.

I do not know who said it, but I’d like to explore the accuracy of this statement. We had a chance to watch the Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix in the middle of April. I figured I could put this statement to the test during this trip. On our way to the Grand Prix site, …

 The annual Chinese New Year Gala hosted by China Central Television (CCTV),  shown on the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year has become a ritual of Chinese people including overseas Chinese when celebrate the festival since 1983, when it was first televised live at home and abroad. The gala usually starts at 8 p.m. on …

Image is from planwallpaper.com A Georgian Rustavi choir held a concert first time in Taiwan, sung in Chinese. Their beautiful voices sound like that from heaven. They prepared the pieces “Secret Anadas,” the tender “Moon Represents My Heart,” the “Farewell to Farewell,” and the humorous “Throw the Copper Coin.” They also reproduced one of the …

Celine Dion – A New Day Has Come (Live) The evening of January 9th was particularly cold. I ran upstairs and crawled into my bed, but even that did not thaw my frozen bones.  The pain in my shoulder was worse than normal, which could have been from the chill in the air, or perhaps …

Lao Tzu talks about “having” and “not having.” Without “having” and “not having,” how can we talk about Tao? Where is the Tao? Where did the Tao go? All things are not equal to the Tao, but the Tao is in them. Therefore, Confucius said, “the Tao cannot be separated for a moment. It is not the Tao if it can be separated.”


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