Crying Woman to Smiling Woman

Outside the Nanchan Temple in Kyoto, there was an old lady named “Crying Woman” who cried on sunny days and rainy days. She cried on sunny days because her youngest daughter was married to a man who sells umbrellas and she worried that he would not be able to sell umbrellas. She cried on rainy days because her eldest daughter was married to a man who sells shoes and she was worried that no one would buy his shoes on rainy days.

After hearing her story, a monk from Nanchan Temple advised the old lady: “You can imagine that your eldest daughter’s shoes must be sold a lot on sunny days. You can also imagine that your youngest daughter’s umbrellas must be sold very quickly on rainy days.” The old lady broke into laughter as she realized it. From then on, she laughed on sunny days, laughed on rainy days, and changed from a crying woman to a smiling woman.

The moment of enlightenment can make someone’s life change completely. By saying the right words, you can make people get rid of bitterness and become happy. Gaining enlightenment and attaining Tao is not hard. Never ask yourself if you can or not, but always ask yourself whether you want to or not.



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