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Two horses pulled a cart. One horse worked hard and walked fast, and the other horse was lazy and walked slowly, so the owner moved all the goods in the back to the front. The horse behind laughed and said, “The harder you work, the more work they will give you!” Later, the master thought, “Since one horse can pull all the goods, why do I need to keep two of them?” So he slaughtered and ate the lazy horse. This is the lazy horse effect in economics.

Enlightenment: If you make yourself dispensable, the day you will be given up is not far off.

There are two noodle stalls in the night market. The booths are adjacent, and the seats are the same. After a year, Booth A earns money to buy a house, but Booth B still cannot afford to buy a house. Why? Originally, booth B’s business was good, but the boiled noodles were very hot, and it took customers too long to finish a bowl. At Booth A, the cooked noodles were soaked in ice water for a few seconds and then served to customers. The temperature was just right for customers, so they finished eating fast and left more room for others.

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The image is from Good Food Month.

Enlightenment: If you take just a little bit more time and effort for customers, money can come in faster.

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