Everything is Still There

For many days, a monk sat alone in a room in meditation, silently. The master saw him there and led him out of the gate with a smile. Outside the temple, there was a beautiful spring. Looking around, heaven and earth were filled with fresh air, green grass buds, flying birds, and flowing rivers…

He took a deep breath and looked at his master, who was now sitting peacefully on the hillside.

After spending the whole afternoon outside, the master got up and, without saying a word, made a gesture for the monk to follow.

Just after entering the gate of the temple, the master suddenly stepped forward and lightly closed two wooden doors, shutting the monk outside the temple.

He did not understand the master’s will and sat alone outside the door, thinking why his master would do this.

Soon it was dark, and a mist hung over the hills and the trees. The sounds of water in the woods, of the streams, and even of the singing of the birds were no longer evident.

Then the master called his name from within the temple.

The monk opened the door and went in.

The master asked, “How is it outside?”

“It’s all black.”

“What else?


“No,” said the master, “Outside, the breeze, the green field, the flowers, the creek…everything is still there.”

Suddenly, he realized his master’s actions.

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