We Are The World

Join hands

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I hope this video serves as comfort during these bleak times. When life gets rough, I always resort to music first. With the combined force of 24 student cellists from around the world, we wish to share that experience with you through “The Swan” from Saint-Saëns’s The Carnival of the Animals. It is a piece of cello repertoire that harnesses simplicity and beauty in a language that speaks directly to the soul. In this unprecedented time of COVID-19 gripping the world, our bodies may be in different places, but our souls can still unite through music. – Cameron Chiu

donkeyWhy did the soldier carry his donkey on his back?
It’s not out of a desire to love an animal for fear that it might get hurt…

It’s because it’s a minefield!
If you let this stupid donkey run around
It could detonate a mine and bury everyone with it, so you have to carry the donkey

So, for the current epidemic prevention work, please stay home and don’t act like a donkey to run around.



* Lionel Richie 0:22 * Stevie Wonder 0:30 * Paul Simon 0:40 * Kenny Rogers 0:51 * James Ingram 0:57 * Tina Turner 1:02 * Billy Joel 1:10 * Michael Jackson 1:16 * Diana Ross 1:29 * Dionne Warwick 1:46 * Willie Nelson 1:59 * Al Jarreau 2:06 * Bruce Springsteen 2:12 * Kenny Loggins 2:19 * Steve Perry 2:25 * Daryl Hall 2:33 * Michael Jackson 2:39 * Huey Lewis 2:46 * Cyndi Lauper 2:51 * Kim Carnes 2:59 * Bob Dylan 3:45 * Ray Charles 4:39 * Stevie Wonder & Bruce Springsteen 4:51 * Bruce Springsteen 5:29 * James Ingram 6:11 * Ray Charles 6:25

The following are the recent messages posting on the board –
-This song was done in 1985. We are the 1 we are the world! We can make it through this COVID 19.
-We are all fighting this pandemic together, let’s start helping one another to save the human race. A reminder that We are the world, We are the children! ❤
-We are the world, we all should be together to fight the Virus, not blame anybody.
-This song was done in 1985 I came to this great country that year today more than ever it is in our hearts let go America we are united in this time more than ever thank you, doctors, nurses and every one the people making masks at home the mothers the workers we are the world let’s rise again.
-So appropriate to think of these words in these times.
These lyrics were written and sung 35 years ago and it rings so true to what the World and its people are experiencing right then… So the time is right for the world to come together as one again…. In light of this terrible virus that is sweeping the world….we need to stand together as one to help all….. Take care and stay safe….x
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