The Most Brilliant Essay in 2017!

太极 邓伟标 – 色 短短的话,却藏着最深刻的道理。



Short words hide the most profound reasons.
Too little thought may make one lose the dignity of life, but too much thought may make one lose the joy of life.



To make money is a skill, to spend money is an art; wisdom can help you to earn money, but spending money shows your taste.




Treat yourself well, for our life is not that long; treat the people surrounding you nicer because we may not see them again in our next life.




When we are few, we can test our courage; when we are the majority, we can test our tolerance.

– Benevolence!



Endure wickedness, take the situation, let go, see well, have peace at a loss, live through it, go smoothly, and live in the moment.
— Gentleman



If you do not understand, say it, but if you understand, do not say it, just smile .

– Companion!



Two people’s effect on others are never the same: a cheap lighter can light ten thousand dollars of cigarettes,

But tens of thousands of dollars for a table of food is worth nothing without a dollar for a packet of salt.



If your life is centered on money, you will live bitterly.

If your life is centered on children, you will live tiredly.



If your life is centered on romance, you will live hurt.

If your life is centered on comparing yourself to others, you will live unsatisfied.



If your life is centered on thanksgiving, you will live well.

If your life is centered on contentment, you will live happily.


If your life is centered on tolerance, you will live happily.

This article was translated from the original Chinese from 2017-06-28 好风水.
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