Broaden Your Horizons


If you don’t have height, all you see is problems. If you don’t broaden your horizons, all you see is trifles.

If you are an ant mentality, then small stones are obstacles. If you are an eagle mentality, then the high mountain will dare to try!

People with high altitude are not free from difficulties. They walk at different heights and conduct themselves in different ways. What we should do every day is to improve our height and depth, instead of telling about our obstacles and troubles every day.

Little heart, everything is a big thing. Big heart, everything is a small thing!

Life is a self-challenge, and broaden your horizons can bring life to life.

The sunset scene at Maui.

Note: The original article is in Chinese, and the author is unknown. I like the concept of it, so I translate into English to share with you here.

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