A Painter’s Invoice

One lady hired a painter to paint the walls. When the painter walked into the house, he saw that her husband was blind. But the lady’s husband was very cheerful and optimistic, so the painter had a pleasant time working there and he never once mentioned the man’s physical impairment.

After he had finished the job, he gave the lady the invoice. The lady took a look and found a significant discount on their negotiated price. She asked the painter, “Why did you charge so much less?”

The painter replied, “I was very happy to work here in the presence of your husband, and he made me feel that my situation was not the worst. The discount serves as my gratitude to him because he did not make my work a hardship!”

Image result for image of painter to paint the walls with one hand

Image from Franklin Painting, LLC

The painter’s admiration for her husband made her shed tears because…the generous painter had only one hand!

The moral of the story:

Although we can not change our lives, we can change our outlook on life;

Although we can not change our environment, we can change our state of mind;

Although we can not adjust our environments to adapt to our lives, we can instead adjust our attitude to adapt to all environments, so our attitudes will determine our fates!


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