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Happy Mother’s Day!


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Beautiful roses to all the mothers in the world!
























I was inspired to write this article after I witnessed the birth of a baby on Feb 24, 2010. I would like to dedicate it to my mom and the admirable mothers of the world.

Oh, mom! I love you!
When you burst out crying and used all of your strength to push
That was after
Eighteen hours on an empty stomach
Three hours of continuous effort
And overturning the doctor’s decision to do a Cesarean-section half an hour before
I finally came out to this world

Oh, mom, I admire you!
Even though with your hard and long efforts to push
There was no sign of my coming out with what little strength you had left
You still wanted to try for another half hour
You yourself are such a tiny girl,
but you have a giant heart of giving everything you have
To the unborn child of yours

Oh, mom, I am very sorry ,forgive me not being able to help!
I felt the pain inside of you
I could visualize the flow of your tears
I heard your cries
Yet I sensed the determination and love streaming from you
I knew then that love would prevail
That all the hindrances would melt away by the power of love

Oh, mom, I thank you!
Your effort was not in vain
I finally join you and daddy in your world
I burst out of crying
When the doctor gently opened my mouth with his love and kindness
When the nurse softly cleansed me
I cried feeling the love all around me

Oh, mom, I love you the most!
I wanted to proclaim to the whole world
I might not be born with a golden spoon
But for sure I was born with love
Unconditional love, sacrificial love
The most precious love
The love of my dearest mom

Oh, mom, I really, really love you!!!!!

I Have Survived


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(Image is from LA Gallery row 5-13-10 by an unknown artist)

I Have Survived

This happened a long time ago.
Yet it seems as though it just took place.

It was early Friday morning in the beginning of autumn.
The pain was so fierce and unbearable.
I kept telling myself, “This can’t happen this weekend.
Endure.., hold on… You must because Bob an
d Elaine are going away for weekend.”
I could not spoil their vacation yet I needed them to take me to hospital.

Oh, no! It was time and the baby was going to come.
Three hours later in one of the hospital rooms in Boston,
The high pitch of crying of a newborn boy seemed to rip through the thin air of the sky.
It scared the birds who flew away and shook foliage to the ground.
Outside the room, Elaine and Bob tried to comfort a little four-year-old girl and prepare her for the coming of her younger brother.

Inside, after giving birth, I stared at the window. Exhausted. Tears filling my eyes.
I did not have any feeling. All I felt was emptiness, loneliness and hopelesssness.
I felt as though I was falling to the bottom of a pit.
I felt I was at the very bottom of the earth.
How I wish this were a dream. I wanted so badly to wake up
And to find out that the father of the baby had been discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health.

God appeared to be playing a joke on me.
Twelve days after the birth of his son, without ever seeing his son,
The father rushed to finish his life’s journey that was shorter  than 30 years.
It seemed God still wasn’t finished playing jokes on me.
What lay ahead were totally beyond what I could have imagined.

Women who have just given birth
Have a monthlong confinement period to recover. (An Asian practice.)
As for me… Maybe I am special?
Oh, no! I did not want to be so special.
I used to be a carefree girl, everything was handed to me.
I did not know how to do anything, including driving
Because my husband took care of everything for me.
Now, after his passing,
I had to come out of my shell – to learn fast and deal with everything
Beginning with arranging his funeral service.

And learned to drive a stick-shift car.
Elaine was from England, she taught me not only patiently with love, but also strictly with principle.
Before my confinement period ended, I got my driver’s license.

The next thing was to fight with a very reputable life insurance company.
Due to the ignorance of the agent, I ran into problems collecting insurance.
The company especially hired a Cantonese-speaking man to show up at my house.
The purpose was to persuade me to give in for a lesser amount.

This man tried his best using soft and mean ways
And spent the whole day trying to get the result his company was hoping for.
In the end he could only tell me that he had never encountered anyone in my situation
(just lost husband, just gave birth – in the monthlong confinement period)
Still able to fight with them and still not budging an inch.

His words rang in my ear, making me realize that I had grown up.
I could shake off the thought of committing suicide.
Thank God…Thank Him that I could finally stand up on my own two feet.

Subsequently I hired an attorney to settle with the insurance company.
The company finally gave in, and I received what was right for us.

Strangely, the same thing happened with the institution where both my husband and I worked.
An employee happened to make a mistake, so again we could not receive anything.
My husband’s professor tried and tried to get it resolved but to no avail.
Finally, one of the institution’s vice president came to talk to me,
Hoping that I would admit it was my husband’s error rather than the employee’s.
I did not know where I gained the strength and the wisdom.
After the heated argument, he had to run away.
Of course, once again, I did it and I won.
…….      ………….
…….      ………….
……..      ………….
Slowly I understood.
God was not joking with me.
Because I had to fight for these things,
He led me step by step to come out of the shadow of sadness over the death of both my husband and my father (who died a month before my husband passed away).
In this most dreadful and heartbroken period of my life,
I have survived.

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