Tattoo-for Remembering the Love of Mom

image of LOVE
image of LOVE

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The day before we left Bejing, my son asked me to stop sightseeing, because he hoped  to give support  to his friend, Karen who wanted to have a tattoo done. Knowing how I felt about tattoo, my son specifically told me not to say anything that would upset her. Karen is a very lovely and smart girl, and I figured there must be a reason for doing this.

Karen lost her father when she was very small. Unfortunately, her mother passed away when she was 12.  She has an older sister and a younger brother. She told me my article “ Oh, mom, I love you.” reminded her of her mother. Outwardly, she seems to be very strong, but she actually is a very gentle, kind hearted daughter who misses her mother very much. Even though her mother died many years ago, her love for her mother only increases as days pass. She told me about her mom, I was heart -broken to see such a charming lady who no longer has her parents with her.

I was stunned to find out the word “love” in Chinese would be tattooed on her arm. Seeing at my puzzlement, she then explained to me why she picked the word love. Her mother’s middle name is I-chu which means very loving pearl, so she chose the word “love”. The tattoo of love did carry double meanings; the name was tattooed on her arm and it implies that her mother is forever with her, also shows her continue love, gratitude and remembrance for her mom. After a long ten years of pondering, she finally took action while we were there.

I was very moved, not only because she wanted us to lend her a supported hand but also I am thankful that I was there to witness the tattoo process for the purpose of thanking and loving her mother. I managed to take some photos to share with you.

The tattoo master, who went to Taiwan and Italy to learn his skill.

Here is an autoclave for sterilization and needles used for tattooing.

Lay the worded paper on the right place.

It is a very sophisticated work and needs total concentration.

Fill in the color paint.                              It is done. The word is Chinese character symbolizing “Love”.

Karen happily and proudly raised her arm to show her mother’s love to us at lunch. She was also busy telling her friends that her ten year dream has come true. Looking at her glowing happy face, I secretly prayed to God, may He be with her and take her mom’s place to guide her and also heal all of her pains.

Oh, Karen, may God bless you greatly.

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