Block B-2

Once, a disciple of Socrates came to find him in a hurry. He gasped for breath and then said excitedly: “I want to tell you something; you will never guess what it is.” Surprisingly, Socrates stopped him before he could reveal the information and asked: “Did you filter it through three sieves?” Sensing that his …


When Mr. Tao Xingzhi held the position of the school principal, he saw a boy throwing a brick at another boy. Not only was this bullying behavior, but it was also very dangerous. Principal Tao stopped the boy and told him to come to the Principal’s office at three o’clock that afternoon. By three o’clock, …


Acts of Kindness Bear Fruit (translated from the original Chinese; the author is unknown) This is a true story that took place in the United States in 1995: David, a businessman, was driving late at night to New York City on business. Eventually, he realized he was too tired to continue driving and got off …

Bird of paradise

I found this article on the internet and thought that it was worth sharing. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did. I am a taxi driver who makes a living in New York. One day, I received a call from a strange passenger. This experience left a deep impression on …


Block B-3

ice cold weather

The above photo is from In Crown Heights, Germany, a Jewish man named Yankel owned a bakery. He asked everyone he met: Do you know why I’m still alive today? He went on to say: I was a child in Germany, and the Nazis were mercilessly arresting and killing Jews. In winter, we were …

Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar – No Charge American singer Shirley Caesar’s lyrics in “Free” are something that you simply must listen to. There are no twists and turns, no thrilling anecdotes, but the priceless feeling of a mother’s love is unmistakable, and there is a shocking power surging between the lines. Meaningful maternal love is an eternal …


The disciple asked his master, “How can I become a person who is happy for himself and brings happiness to others?” Bodhidharma replied with a smile: There are four states of being; you can experience the joys of each. First, think of yourself as someone else. This is “no-self.” You can gradually reduce your attachment …



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