A young man asked a monk: “Master, some people say that I am a genius, and some people call me a stupid person. What do you think?”
The monk asked, “How do you see yourself?” And the young man was puzzled.
“A kilogram of rice is a few bowls of rice in the eyes of the housewife; a biscuit in the eyes of the baker, and a fine wine in the eyes of the brewer. Rice is still rice. Similarly, you are still you, but how much you can accomplish depends on how you treat yourself. So how do you think of yourself?” And the young man was enlightened.

The image is from https://tinybuddha.com/blog/9-powerful-life-lessons-from-studying-with-a-monk/.


Someone asked Picasso: “How can we understand your paintings?”
Picasso said: “Have you heard birds sing?”
“Is it nice?”
“Yes, it’s nice.”
“Now do you understand?”

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Buddha: “What is most precious in the world?”
Disciple: “It is the thing you lose and the thing we cannot get.”
The Buddha was silent.
After several years has gone by, the Buddha asked again, and the disciple answered: “The most precious thing in the world is the thing we truly own!

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The image is from https://tinybuddha.com/blog/9-powerful-life-lessons-from-studying-with-a-monk/