The Voice-4: The Second Miraculous House(2)

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There were countless miracles that happened in the process of purchasing this house. We went to the construction site to check the progress of our house many times. The contractors were so kind as they worked to install extra lighting and use special wires that we requested be used specifically for our sound system. The builder even granted my request to change a single entrance door to a tall double door for us. To be fair, the builder had to do the same for those who purchased the same model as mine. We also requested that the carpets not be secured to the floor so we would be able to pick them up easily. This allowed us to install tile and carpet of our preference and donate the carpet left behind by the contractors to the local Children’s Hospital. I was thankful that this house allowed me to do charity work before we even moved in.


As I was shopping for my carpets for the second floor and the marble, granite for the first floor, I was awed by the prices they quoted for me. The cashiers in both places were stunned that the managers gave me such a good deal. The most intriguing thing is the managers in both flooring stores had the same first names. Is it by coincidence? You know the answer, right?

This house was closed on escrow the day after my husband’s birthday. It seemed to confirm what The Voice said. “I will take care of you, even though I took your husband away. I will be with you.” A few days after I moved in I saw a rainbow surrounding the moon as it sat above my house. One month later, I saw the same thing, but this time the rainbow was bigger; and it covered my whole house. The miracles just kept coming…

Ring Around the Moon
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Yes, I was able to come up with a down payment – but what about the monthly payments? I remember very clearly my first payment was in January. I decided that I had to be bold enough to know that He would prepare for me. So during the month of December, I decided not to open my mail, as the mortgage payment would be one of them. A couple of days before New Year, I finally sat down and opened all the mail. I did receive the mortgage bill, but – quite miraculously – I also received the payment for it. that same pile of mail was the rebate check sent to me by the builder for financing through their lender. Believe it or not, the check covered my first mortgage. Sure enough, anything that I heard from this voice has come to realization.

IMG_4386 IMG_4388

This house seemed to attract all sorts of creatures as well. Birds and frogs would come to the front of our house. There were many tiny, loving creatures that came to our yard, too. From this house, I heard The Voice again. “From this house, you will bring the hope, the way, the love, the warmth and the growth to the people.” At first, I didn’t understand the meaning of this message. In fact, it took me many years before I came to understand that, with the guidance of The Voice, I would be destined to write a book that would fulfill His prophecies.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that God, or divinity, sometimes sends someone to deliver his messages. He voices the messages through those messengers who oftentimes don’t even remember the message once it has been spoken. Just like the incidence of the Asian lady who told me the house had a lot of potential, I did not quite understand what she meant at the time. As time went by, I got it. I did not have to do anything, just hold onto to the first miraculous house and let Him do his work. A year later, the house tripled in value. I was so glad that Asian lady told me not to sell and He did not allow anyone to buy the house.


I remember after purchasing the this house, my nephew came to visit us. As I was showing him around, he told me, “Auntie, don’t worry. This house’s price will go up.” And sure enough, after three or four months, the price of the house started to rise. A year later, I asked him why he said it, but he could not recall.

One of my friends told me that she met someone at McDonald’s. This gentleman was very well dressed, but he was asking for a dollar from her. Since I told her to watch out for things happening around us, she asked me if he could have been Jesus Christ in disguise. I told her it wasn’t important whether or not he was Jesus. No matter how a person is dressed, if someone asks for a dollar, it must mean they are in trouble. We just have to help others. It is not the money that counts, but the love that we give to others. Giving a helping hand to those in needed is a virtue. It is a good deed.

Whatever happens around us has a purpose. There are no coincidences in our life. It does not matter the people you encounter, whether they are old or young, male or female, rich or poor, it is important to pay attention to what they say. Just like the Bible says that God made the donkey talk, whenever someone says something out of the ordinary that is the time to listen. It is The Voice. If you listen, He just may change your life as well.

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