Thank You, Dr. Wayne Dyer!

Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer (photo courtesy of Whipps Photography) (PRNewsFoto/Hay House)

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Last Sunday, One of my good friends came over to my house.
We went to take a one-hour walk around my neighborhood.
When we arrived back at my home, we began to chat, sharing our thoughts and stories.
We had such a grand time and she was reluctant to leave.
The air was full of love, Joy, and happiness.
How I wish we could have remained there, frozen in time.
Then we could have stayed in that harmonious moment forever.

All of a sudden, the telephone rang.
My daughter called me and asked me a question.
“Was Dr. Wayne Dyer there for the workshop you attended last June?”
“Yes, why do you ask?” I replied.
She told me that Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed away.
Her words seemed to pierce through my heart;
I could feel the bleeding inside of me.

I lost my joy…
I lost my inner strength…
I couldn’t laugh nor could I cry.
I was just frozen.
I could not function.
I was in a great shock,
I lost myself.

I pulled out a picture that had been taken of the two of during a writer’s workshop last June.
I remembered people lining up patiently waiting for the opportunity to hug & have a photo taken with him.
It happened during every class break,
Even though he did not get a chance to rest.
He was always smiling, beaming with positive energy.
For he knew that we loved him & treasured his presence with us.
I was fortunate to have this picture taken…
One thing that I wish I had said to him at that time:
Thank you, thank you and thank you.
More than ten years ago, I lost my husband
I was in grief & I could not rise above the depression.
Neither changing my environment nor changing jobs helped me…
I realized that I had to help myself because nobody else could…
I went to the bookstore & looked for guidance from the books.

I saw the books of Dr. Wayne Dyer
A Promise is a Promise…Gifts from Eykis…Your Erroneous Zones… The Sky’s the Limit…
I started to read, read & read…for a whole month.
I felt the love, kindness, wisdom…
I felt I shifted from negativity to positivity,
I felt that I received his positive energy and emerged out of grief.
Not only did I regain my strength, but also I could help others…

Yes, I found myself through the reading of Dr. Dyer’s books.
I learned the unconditional love from ” A Promise is a Promise.”
I even learned how to turn his power of intention into reality when and after I attended his workshop dedicated to this teaching.
He practiced what he preached,
And set the example in front of our eyes,
We all marveled at how he miraculously rid his body of leukemia.
He seemed to be the combination of an angel and a miracle sent by God.

Dr. Dyer had made a tremendous difference in my life.
His teaching helped me to grow,
And also transformed me from a caterpillar into a butterfly,
I know now that the sky is the limit,
I now have meaning and purpose in my life,
Like him, I am writing about miracles…
From the enlightenment of my life stories, life experiences…
To serve and to heal this generation.

Thank you very much, Dr. Wayne Dyer!

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