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Life is Like a Bottle


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The original text is in Chinese. I translated this into English to share with you. It is very simple, yet holds a much deeper meaning. A very easy thing to understand, but also a very easy thing to forget. The original text can be found here.

This is an empty bottle.

If you pour the water in, then the bottle contains water.

But if you put trash in the bottle, then the bottle is full of trash.

What is man?

Man is not particularly anything.

Man is a mere empty bottle.

You are like this bottle.

Whatever you do, good or bad, fills up the bottle.

If your heart is filled with kindness, passion, sincerity, and thankfulness, then the bottle, which represents your life, will be filled with sunshine.

If you are facing many conflicts, you should try to find your shortcomings and remedy them.

The faults of others will disappear with your endurance.

If your life has other people in it, you will have more empathy.

You will not just put yourself first.

You will not just do things for yourself only.

You will let others feel your warmth.

If you care about other people, they will do likewise.

Moreover, you will receive more than you give.

If you enlarge your heart, you will not be affected by gossip, fighting, and greed.

Nor will the on and off promotion and demotion of the world affect you.

It will not block your wise eye.

You will feel like nothing bothers you.

You can be calm, and enjoy the beauty of life.

Otherwise, your heart is filled with the seed of hatred.

This seed will only grow, and bud, and blossom into a flower.

Consequently, you will be consumed with hate.

Then, you hurt yourself first.

If your heart is filled with jealousy, manipulation, and greed, then you can never get out of this narrow mindset.

You will only complain to the heavens and the earth in your single-track mind.

Your friends will decrease in numbers.

In the end, you will be alone.

If your heart is filled with your career, your stocks, and your houses, you have no choice but to struggle to run your journey in this material world.

Even though all those things will keep appearing in your heart, you have to chase them endlessly until you have lost your spiritual being.

The material things are not brought into us in this world, nor are they taken with us.

In the end, we may depart from this world with regret, empty handed.

Your fate and success are not determined by your appearance or your height.

It’s up to what you have in your heart.

If your heart is filled with beauty, your life will be beautiful.

If your heart is content with health, then you will have good health.

If your heart is filled with beauty, then it shows in your outer appearance.

If your heart is filled with energy, then your body is also filled with energy.

If your heart is filled with joy or happiness, then your life will be filled with joy and happiness.

If your heart is filled with confidence, then your life will be the same thing.

In the realm of life and the future of life, people always see a fog.

Actually, it is in front of you and it is up to you.

Destiny comes from the heart.

If it is in your heart, your appearance and destiny will reflect what is in your heart.

We are all like an empty bottle. Whatever is in your heart is what you will receive.

Life is a Step-by-Step Journey


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Life is a step-by-step journey
It begins when we start to walk
We put one foot down at a time
Step by step we begin our journey
In the beginning we fall a lot
Get up and wipe tears away with the support of our parents
As we become stronger and more independent
There are no more falls, no more tears
We raise our head up high boldly and steadily
Walk on our journey step by step

Life is a long journey
As we walk on it step by step
We constantly face obstacles
Experiencing hardship, tragedy, blockage ……along the way
They leave us heartbroken, depressed, frustrated…..
It seems so hard to walk on this life path
We think we’re at the last breath and will disappear from this planet
But somehow our tears are wiped away, and strength is added
Again and again we walk on our journey step by step

Life is a long journey of learning
It begins with our innocent step
No one knows what lies in front of us
It may seem sorrows are far outnumber joys
Always standing firm, we gather our energy to move forward
As we walk step by step
We gradually understand
We gain tremendous wisdom from this learning process

Life is a journey of searching
It is a journey of searching for ourselves
Who am I? What is my purpose in being here?
This journey begins with our innocent step
Enduring hardship, we are more zealous for the answer
Progressing with our inner search
Life is a journey of searching within
Life is a journey helping us to reach down to our inner self

Life is a constantly molding journey
It is a step-by-step, very slow process
It is not a race, and we must not hurry
Or we will miss the scenery along the way
Or we will miss the fragrance and beauty in it
Or we will miss the lessons we ought to learn
Or we will miss the persons we are destined to meet

Life is a long remembering journey
It is a step-by-step, very slow process
It is not a race, and we must not rush
Or we will not find our position
Or we will not understand what we choose and create
Or we will not realize why we are here
We are here with all the challenges that are not for nothing

Life is a journey to bring us back home
By taking a long road
By struggling a great deal
We finally find hope at the end of the tunnel
We finally find love at the valley of the shadow of death
We finally find the light in the dark
We finally find the way of our journey
We finally realize that life is living and constantly growing

Life is not just a physical journey
Life is also an internal searching journey
Life gives us a valuable and unique opportunity
A simple step that we as a baby take when we start our journey
What matters most is not the simple start or the finish line
It’s our growth along that path
After learning and remembering
We want to leave memorable footprints

Life is a journey with meanings and purposes
Not only does it add more colors to our lives
It also brings a promising rainbow to others
It is through the love we give to others
It is through the warmth we give to others
It is through the way we give to others
It is through the light we give to others
It is through the hope we give to others
It is through the growth (physical and spiritual) we give to others

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The Last Knit-Lesson of “Letting Go”



I would like to share with you a remarkable short film – “The Last Knit.”
It was produced in Finland in 2005. Even though there is no dialogue in the film, it carries a deep and profound message. I call it the lesson of “letting go.”

The film starts with a woman who appears to be at a comfortable stage in her life.  The woman sits down on a chair and starts to knit a beautiful, colorful scarf. The scarf represents the power, fame and money that she is determined to achieve in life. As time passes, the more she accomplishes, the more ambitious she becomes. It would be easy for her to pick up her scissors to cut the string and stop knitting, but she pushes the scissors away from her. Being blinded by her obsession for achieving more, she continues to knit. By now, the scarf is so long that it has gone over the edge of a cliff. But the woman fails to realize that she herself is in danger of falling off that cliff because she is “attached” to the scarf.

As she races to knit more and more, she ends up running out of material. Still, she is reluctant to let go.  She risks her life by substituting her own hair for the yarn. Unable to stop knitting, she falls off the cliff. She finally realizes that she has to stop and let go so that she can survive. She then saves herself by using her own teeth to cut herself off from the scarf and free herself from this fatal situation.

Once she learns this valuable lesson, she quickly lets go of her knitting sticks and begins to treasure scissors. She understands that by using scissors wisely to cut off and let go of greed, she can have a new and better life.

Indeed, we can stop suffering by learning the lesson of letting go. By letting go, we can free ourselves from bondage and restriction. Our life can then be like a kite that flies high into the sky once it is released.


Power Of Love – Love Can Change Everything



The greatest thing in this world is love.  Through love, wisdom allows itself to be seen and power follows. Here is a very simple and yet powerful story (original story in Chinese) that will touch your heart.   The story is of a wise mother that changes her son’s future simply by giving the love, kindness and encouragement to him despite the discouraged comments from son’s teachers.

Love indeed can change everything.

At the parent meeting, the teacher of the nursery school said to her: “Your son has hyperactivity disorder, he can not sit on the bench more than three minutes, you’d better take him to the hospital to check to make sure he is all right.” On the way home, her son asked her what the teacher said, his question caused her heart to ache, and almost brought her to tears.   The reason was that out of the whole class of thirty children, he gave the worst performance,  and he was the only one for whom teacher showed disdain.

However, she told her son: “The teacher praised you, she told me that you couldn’t sit still  for a minute before, but now you are able to sit for three minutes. Other students’ mother are very envious , because you are the only one who has made progress.”

That night, for the first time her son ate two bowls of rice by himself without his mother’s help.

In elementary school, at the parent’s conference, the teacher said: ” Your son ranked the 40th for the math examination in my class of fifty students. I think he has  learning disability, you should have him checked by the doctor .”

On the way back from school, she was sad that she could not help sobbing.  However, when she returned home, she said to her son at the dinning table, “Your teachers have confidence in you.  He told me that you are not a stupid child, if you studied more carefully,  you will surpass your classmates.  You did well this time and you ranked the 21st in the whole class. ”
After saying this, she discovered that his face immediately lit up and his eyes started to open up from the his dull face.  She also found her son who was surprisingly gentle and obedient, he seemed to grow up a lot. The next day he got up earlier than usual to go to school.

At another parent’s meeting of  junior high school, she sat on her son’s seat, and waited for the teacher to call  her son’s name in the list of poor performing students because his name was always among them.

However, she did not hear her son’s name being called.  She went to talk to the teacher, she was told that even though her son was not among the list of the poor performing students , he probably would not be able to pass the entrance examination for the best college with his current scores (it is common practice that the Asian students have to pass the entrance examination in order to be admitted to the University).

Still she left the school happily and she found her son was waiting for her. Leaning on her son’s shoulder, she told him that his teacher was very satisfied with him and  as long as he worked harder, he could get in the best college without doubt.

Not long after graduating from high school, the son was called to go back to high school.  She had a hunch that her son had passed the entrance examination to one of the best university because she told him that she had confidence in him to get in to this university.

Her son then came back and handed her the acceptance letter from the University.  He said “Mom… I know I am not a smart kid, but you are the only person who knows me and appreciates me in this world…”  He could not help crying out loud when he expressed his feelings.

This is an example of what the amazing power of love, faith and support can do…

A Butterfly’s Lesson

(The picture of the emergence of butterfly from cocoon is from Pics4learning.)

The text (author unknown) is from my friend’s e-mail. It is very inspiring and I think you will enjoy it.

”One day, a small opening appeared in a cocoon;  a man sat and watched  for the butterfly  for several hours  as it struggled to force its body through  that little hole.

Then, it seems to stop making  any progress. It appeared as if it  had gotten as far as it could and it could not go any further.So the man decided to help the butterfly: he took  a pair of scissors and opened the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged easily. But  it had a withered body, it was tiny and shriveled wings.The man continued to watch because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would open, enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly’s body, and become firm.

Neither happened!  In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a withered body and shriveled  wings. It never was able to fly. What  the man, in his kindness and his goodwill  did not understand  was that the restricting cocoon
and the struggle required  for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening, were nature’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were allowed to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong  as we could have  been. Never been able to fly.

I asked for Strength…
and I was given difficulties to make me strong.

I  asked for Wisdom…
and  I was given problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity…
and I was given a brain and brawn to work.

I asked for Courage…..
and I was given obstacles to overcome.

I asked for Love…
and I was given troubled people to help.

I asked for Favors…
And  I was given Opportunities.
“I received nothing I wanted…

But I received EVERYTHING  I needed.”

Live  life without fear, confront all obstacles
and know that you can overcome them.

The emergence of the butterfly:Ideopsis similis

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