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Oh, Buster!


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10960106_10153089933803688_3619873110349394924_o-1                                                                Buster-you were the star in our heart.

I got the call this morning at 8:00 am, (1/31/15)
And Jershi told me you passed away.
You waited for Jershi to wake up before your departure.
There was such love and a special bond between you two,
I couldn’t help crying out loud.
It was expected, but it was hard to handle,
I just wanted to weep, and needed to let it out.

We went to see you last night,
The doctor had suggested that your cancer had taken its toll.
It became too much for you,
It was time to let you go.
No matter how hard it was,
Jershi decided to keep you one more day,
So we could go say good-bye to you.


And today he arranged for the specialist to give you an injection,
To stop your pain,
To let you rest in peace.
But you left naturally,
For you knew that none of us would be able to see the needle go into you,
And then watch you stop breathing,
Oh, God what a loving and thoughtful dog you were.

I still remember the day you came,
You were four months old…
You had to travel by plane from your hometown to the strange city of LA.
You took it well,
You adjusted quickly,
For you there was no past, only the present.
You moved forward with trust in Jershi.



Throughout the last ten years,
You gave us not only Love,
Your unconditional love,
You gave us your all,
You were always loyal,
You were always joyous, uplifting
There wasn’t any dull moment around you.

10947458_10153003470505781_7577177466967036830_o                                                                    Celebrating X’mas with Kim & Jershi

We gradually found something different in you:
You were obedient,
You were always calm,
You seemed to know when we were in need of comfort,
You would always stay close to us.
It reminded us that you comforted your old neighbor who had cancer before you came to us,
And you were so young, only a couple of month old.

10968552_10153003470385781_8206816169827487929_n                                                                                Buster (4 month old)

When Jershi found out you had cancer,
He tried all means to save you,
For you were so dear to him,
He could not let you go.
Chemotherapy…after chemotherapy
Months after months…
You never moaned and complained.

I took you to have chemotherapy one time,
You were still joyous,
You weren’t bothered by the painful treatment…
You knew how much Jerrshi wanted to keep you with him,
You just took it in.
It was heartbreaking to feel how fragile you became,
I could only hold you tightly and cry my heart out.

Jershi Lin's photo.

At that moment, I could feel the warmth that you transmitted to me,
It seemed that we were no longer two different species.
The flowing of love was all there was.
It was such a warm and beautiful feeling.
I could not help holding you tighter, close to my heart,
I could not help murmuring in your ear,
“Buster, I love you.”

IMG_4834                                                                              “I love you, Buster!”

At that moment, I realized that you showed me,
Love is not just restricted to among human beings only,
It applies to all beings.
No matter what we are – animals or human beings,
We can all love each other.
Love is above all else in the world,
Love has no boundaries.

We could see the old soul in you,
You came into our lives for a purpose,
You gave Jershi unconditional love,
Not only did you broaden his mind,
But also you helped him grow…
My appreciation for your help to my son Jershi indescribable,
Moreover, you did the same for us…


Oh, you don’t know how much we miss you…
Because you were not an ordinary dog,
You were our teacher.
You were our friend,
You were our family member,
And you continue to be all of these things for us.
We love you no matter where you are…
Thank you, and thank you…
For your presence in our lives over the last ten years.

Family Photo.                Buster, Jershi and Gidget


Love, Orchids & a Miracle


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Dear Emily,

I want to thank you for being alive.
I went to visit you in a regular hospital room.
Even though you looked a bit pale and thin,
At last, I could be at ease.
Still, I couldn’t help shedding tears of gratitude.
You fought to survive over the last 10 days.
And you were finally transferred out of the I.C.U.

This was a fierce battle between life and death.
Nobody would have thought that someone as healthy as you, a doctor even,
Would get a gallbladder infection all of a sudden.
Just moments earlier you were treating patients.
The next minute you were sent to I.C.U.,
Where another doctor had to save you.

Lying in critical condition on the I.C.U. hospital bed just a few days ago,
You needed oxygen to sustain your fragile life.
My eyes were filled with tears.
I could not help asking God, “Why?”
Humans are weak and powerless over death.
Oh, God! Please help and give us a miracle.

I went home with a heavy burden.
Looking at fully bloomed orchids which I bought for you,
I had no idea when I could bring you the flowers.
I would not be able to do it if you stayed in the I.C.U.
Gazing at the orchids without blinking,
I hoped to receive an answer.

I thought back to when you fell to the ground from the top of a mountain a few years ago.
It was God’s love that helped you gain back your strength and stand up again.
This time you needed not only God’s love but also the love of your family.
You and your parents had not talked to each other for a couple of years.
Maybe I could try to persuade your parents to set aside your disagreement,
So that they would come to visit you in critical condition.

It was not an easy task.
I asked my daughter to talk to your brother,
Her husband also tried to explain to your parents the bleak situation.
Finally, the whole family showed up in the I.C.U.
Your parents did let go of their stubbornness,
Hugging you, their daughter, tightly to show their love.


Miracles happened before your parents’ appearance in the I.C.U.
In your dream you saw a man praying for you under a tree.
He turned his head slightly when he finished his prayer.
You saw His face, and you told me that He was Jesus Christ.
Your parents showed up right after the dream.
Wonderfully, your condition improved every day after their visit.
And you could finally leave the I.C.U.

The medical staff believed that what happened to you was a miracle.
Your doctor was going to give up and put a tube in you to support you mechanically.
Twice, he decided against it.
The first time, he wanted to give you a chance because you, too, are a doctor.
His heart told him not to do it the second time.
Indeed, this wise doctor made an intelligent decision —
To wait for God to perform an extraordinary miracle.

I am truly grateful for your recovery,
And thankful that God let me bring orchids to you at long last.
It is not a coincidence that you were discharged on Easter Sunday.
Just as Jesus resurrected before,
He did the same thing to you.
And He brought your family back together with His love.
Oh, God, we thank You and we praise You.




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