Stories of the Enlightenment

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

A parrot met a crow; the parrot lived in a cage at ease, but the crow was in the wild and free. The parrot envied the crow’s freedom, and the crow envied the parrot’s ease.
The two birds negotiated and decided to change places.
The crow was at ease, but his master never liked him, so he died of loneliness. The parrot was free, but because he used to live comfortably, he could not live on his own and die of hunger.

Don’t blindly envy other people’s happiness. Maybe there is a reason you don’t have what they have. Don’t compare yourself to others, live your own life and enjoy your own life.

Don’t Overthink It

Someone asked a farmer, “Have you planted wheat?”
The farmer said: “No, I’m afraid it won’t rain enough.”
“Did you grow cotton?” the man asked.
The farmer said: “No, I’m afraid worms will eat the cotton.”
The man asked, “So what did you plant?”
The farmer said: “Nothing. I want to make sure it’s safe first.”

Overthinking or over-worrying will lead to tied hands and nothing accomplished.

Give What the Others Want

On the first day, the little white rabbit went fishing and caught nothing. The next day, he went fishing again, and the same thing happened.
On the third day, a big fish jumped out of the river, shouting: “If you dare to use carrots as bait again, I will beat you to death!”

If what you give is not what the other person wants, but what you want to give, then it becomes worthless.

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