Sadhguru on Coronavirus Outbreak in China

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Lynh pic

Sadhguru speaks about the Coronavirus outbreak in China, and how as human beings, we have a certain choice in how we handle it.

Fight The Virus song, courtesy: YouTuber Alvin Oon

Sadhguru-Jaggi Vasudev, generally referred to as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi and author. In 1992, Vasudev established Isha Foundation, which has been involved in various activities in the field of spirituality, education, and environment. Wikipedia

For Chinese readers (中文讀者)


萨古鲁被评为“印度100大影响力人物”,当代瑜伽士、诗人、神秘家、一位高瞻远瞩的人道主义者、环境保护主义者、纽约时报评选的畅销书作家。他于1992年成立Isha基金(Isha Foundation)它参与了灵性,教育和环境领域的各种活动。

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