The image is from Clocks – Mandaue Foam Philippines.

Paul and Brian went into the office at the same time. They both looked at the clock on the wall, then looked at their own watch, and they had a different reaction:

Paul said: “My watch is slow.”

Brian said: “ The wall clock is fast.”

They both seemed to be talking to themselves. A moment later, Brian said suddenly to Paul, “Why do you think the wall clock is fast?”

Brian said, “why do you say your watch is slow?”

Paul said, “I think my watch is not accurate. The wall clock seems to be more accurate, so I think my watch is slow.”

Brian said, “My watch keeps good time because it doesn’t go slow, so the wall clock must run fast.”

Whether you have self-confidence or not, it directly affects the perception of it. And often, your perspective and attitude is the key to success or failure.


老王:“我的表慢了。” 老李:“壁钟快了。”




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