Three People Went Out



Three people went out; the first one carried an umbrella, the second one had crutches, and the third one was empty handed.

On their way back, the first one got wet even with his umbrella; the second fell and got hurt even with his crutches, but the third one was all right.

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Because the one carried an umbrella and walked as if it was not raining, the rain soaked him. Because the second one walked on the muddy road with his crutches as if the road was not treacherous, he fell all the time. The third had nothing with him, so he was careful – he tried to avoid the rain; he trod down the muddy road carefully, so nothing bad happened to him.

Moral of the story:

Most of the time, people do not fail because they have nothing, but they fail because they are too confident in what they have.

Dalai Lama’s Answers


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A Hong Kong reporter had the chance to have a dialogue with the Dalai Lama, and it is quite inspiring. The questions asked and the answers are below:

Q: Is it necessary to go after what has been lost?
The Dalai Lama said: The things that were lost never really belonged to you, anyway, so neither should you regret it, nor pursue it.

Q: Our lives are often tiring, so how can we relax?
The Dalai Lama said: Life is indeed tiring, but remember that only a small part is trying to survive, the bigger part comes from desire and comparison.

Q: How should we grasp yesterday and today?
Dalai said: Don’t let yesterday take up more of today.

Q: How do you treat yourself, and treat others?
Dalai said: Be good to yourself because a lifetime is not long. Be good to the people around you, because you won’t be able to meet them in your next life.

Q: How do you interpret politeness?
Dalai said: A “Sorry” shows sincerity, but a “No sweat” shows a kind demeanor. If you are sincere but do not have a kind demeanor in return, it only shows the ignorance and vulgarity of the other.

Q: How do we find our goals?
Dalai said: If you know where to go, the world will make way for you.

Q: How do we balance happiness with sadness?
The Dalai said: One person has only one heart, yet that heart has two atria. In one there lives happiness, and in another, sorrow. So do not laugh too loud. Otherwise, you will wake up the sadness.

Q: How can we be down to earth?
The Dalai said: For as long as your feet are on the ground, don’t do not make light of yourself too much. As long as you are living on earth, don’t make yourself too big.

Q: Some people say that time will dilute love, what do you think?
Dalai said: Love makes people forget time, while time makes people forget love.

Q: If two people love each other but can not be together, what should they do?
Dalai said: If they cannot be together, let it be. Life is not that long anyway.

The Most Brilliant Essay in 2017!


太极 邓伟标 – 色 短短的话,却藏着最深刻的道理。



Short words hide the most profound reasons.
Too little thought may make one lose the dignity of life, but too much thought may make one lose the joy of life.



To make money is a skill, to spend money is an art; wisdom can help you to earn money, but spending money shows your taste.




Treat yourself well, for our life is not that long; treat the people surrounding you nicer because we may not see them again in our next life.




When we are few, we can test our courage; when we are the majority, we can test our tolerance.

– Benevolence!



Endure wickedness, take the situation, let go, see well, have peace at a loss, live through it, go smoothly, and live in the moment.
— Gentleman



If you do not understand, say it, but if you understand, do not say it, just smile .

– Companion!



Two people’s effect on others are never the same: a cheap lighter can light ten thousand dollars of cigarettes,

But tens of thousands of dollars for a table of food is worth nothing without a dollar for a packet of salt.



If your life is centered on money, you will live bitterly.

If your life is centered on children, you will live tiredly.



If your life is centered on romance, you will live hurt.

If your life is centered on comparing yourself to others, you will live unsatisfied.



If your life is centered on thanksgiving, you will live well.

If your life is centered on contentment, you will live happily.


If your life is centered on tolerance, you will live happily.

This article was translated from the original Chinese from 2017-06-28 好风水.

Stone Show


43 year old Italian artist, Stefano Furlani, creates amazing characters and scenes with stones carefully selected for their color, shape, and size, found by him and his son on the beaches of the Italian town of Fano. It all started with an amusing game of finding stones with unusual shapes and geometries, but then they began to start putting them together, assembling more and more detailed and elaborate compositions. But their pieces built during the day were destroyed by the evening. So Stefano got the idea to paste them on a wooden base to cherish their little artworks for life. The designs range from animals, to famous music and movie stars, and to underwater scenes.

Furlani’s work has been acclaimed in Italy, written about in London, and a new show will be appearing in Germany this fall. His efforts began as a way to entertain his young son Davide on the beach in their town.  Now he takes his skills to school in Italy where he helps young disabled children create their own work of sea–stone art. In July, he will be coming to Massachusetts For his first exhibition in the U.S. How I wish I could go to see his marvelous stone arts. The following are some of his creations.



The Most Beautiful Place in China


My friend emailed me this article, and it is such a beautiful place that I couldn’t help but post it here to share with you. I did take a trip to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and a few other places in China, but this place from the pictures looks so serene. I hope I can make a trip to visit this beautiful place soon.


Hubei, China is such a beautiful place, and even though it is not often mentioned by people,
but it has a reputation. There is an area often called “Little Tibet in Hubei,” “Shangri-La in Hubei,” or “Legend of the Secret.”
CNN regards it as “China’s most beautiful wonderland!” China’s National Geographic calls it  “the most beautiful place in China!”

Yes, it is the city of Enshi!
When you go there, you will find it is not of this world, like a paradise or a wonderland.

Spring flowers bloom like a piece of brocade,

Summer feels more like a “natural air-conditioned room” – it is a veritable “cool city!”

In the autumn, fir and maple trees weave a beautiful picture from heaven.

Winters are snow-capped, like that of Northern scenery, when the area seems to become a “Chinese version of the Alps!”

Numerous sceneries are hidden here.

The beauty will take your breath away!

The magnificent scenery of Enshi Canyon, about 108 km long! It is as marvelous as the Grand Canyon in the USA.

Enshi Grand Canyon also contains a variety of land-forms: cliffs, peaks, caves, natural bridges, rivers, shafts, peak clusters, hanging valleys…

It is amazing to see both cliffs and peaks here. Walking on the 300-meter-high cliff promenade, I think I would be trembling.

One Incense Pillar is a thin pillar standing between the cliffs and peaks of the 108-kilometer-long Enshi Canyon. This incense stick-shaped peak is 150 meters tall, but only four meters wide, which makes it incredible that it stands at all, let alone that it’s survived several major earthquakes.

Qing River in Enshi.

Tenglong Cave is believed to be the longest single cave system in the world. The cave entrance is 74 m (243 ft) and 64 m (210 ft) wide, leading to 59.8 km (37.2 mi) of passageways. An underground network of streams runs for 16.8 km (10.4 mi) whilst the cave is the source of the Qingjiang River.

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