Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Chapter 48


The student of knowledge (aims at) learning day by day;
The student of Tao (aims at) losing day by day.
By continual losing
One reaches doing nothing (laissez-faire).
He who conquers the world often does so by doing nothing.
When one is compelled to do something,
The world is already beyond his conquering.
(Translation by Lin Yutang)

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By learning day by day, your knowledge will increase day by day.
On the other hand, those who seek and practice the Tao will reduce greed and delusion of the heart day by day until there is none and they will reach the state of doing-nothing.
Having arrived at this point of non-action, there is nothing which he does not do.

Letting things take their course is the way to rule the world. That is to do nothing. If the rulers try to tamper with it and they interfere with nature, they are not fit to conquer the world.

We Only Meet to Pay What We Owe


Without owing something to one another, there is no way to meet.

Sakyamuni’s words:
It takes a moment to reach out.
Holding hands take years.
No matter who you meet,
They are the one who is supposed to be in your life.
It is no accident.

Buddha said:
Life is also a journey with pleasure.
The body is the inn where the soul lives,
For boundless, infinite time,
This life is just a passing visit.

Deep and deep destiny,
To walk the same way again and again,
To go to the same place again and again,
See the same person again and again.

Always believe,
There is a meeting in this world,
Not on the road, but in the heart;
There is a feeling,
It is not about being together day and night,
But being a silent companion.

Buddha says:
Looking back 500 times,
Fate only grants us a passing glance.
It is fate to meet each other in this life.
Why bother to hate and to have ill feelings?

Together or separate is destiny.
It is the will of heaven,
We should cherish it.

The following online article goes well with the above teachings, so I included it here as well.

01. No matter who you meet, they are the one who should appear in your life.

This means that no one accidentally enters our lives. Everyone who is around us and interacts with us represents something. Maybe it teaches us something. Maybe it helps us improve a situation. Maybe it offers us a turning point.

02. No matter what happens, this is the only thing that will happen.

What we have experienced is impossible to recreate, and it can never happen in other ways, even the least important details. It is not worth it to say, “If I did something different, it would have turned out different.” No matter what happens, this is the only thing that will happen, and it must happen this way so that we can learn from the experience and move on. In life, every situation we experience is perfect, even if we do not understand why.

03. No matter when things start, it’s the right time.

Everything starts at the right time, not early or late. When we are ready to experience the new moments of life, it is there, ready to begin.

04. It is over, and it is over.

It’s so simple. When something ends in life, it helps us grow. To enjoy what has happened thoroughly, it is best to let go and keep moving forward.

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Chapter 47


Without stepping outside one’s doors,
One can know what is happening in the world,
Without looking out of one’s windows,
One can see the Tao of heaven.

The farther one pursues knowledge,
The less one knows.
Therefore the Sage knows without running about,
Understands without seeing,
Accomplishes without doing.
(Translation by Lin Yutang )

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“Don’t go out, know the world,” in Lao Tzu’s time, was not an easy thing to say whereas in today’s information age, staying at home and knowing the world is easy to do. As long as you turn on the TV, the Internet, the telephone, you know what is going on in the whole world. Here, Lao Tzu means that the Tao practitioners do not search in the material world for the spiritual enlightenment, they can only find it by looking within.

Without looking out of one’s windows, one can see the Tao of heaven. It implies that even if you open the window, you still can’t see heaven because heaven is in the person’s heart. How can you see heaven by looking outside the window? To see the way of heaven is to look inward.

Therefore, to know heaven and earth, go out every day the farther you go, the less you know. Because the Toa is limitless and not confined to a particular place.

Lao Tzu said: a man of wisdom can do this: Thus the sage knows without traveling; He sees without looking; He works without doing.


It Is Simple



1. It is very simple to get a reward.
There was a person who went for an interview for a new job. As he walked into the building, he picked up some litter on the ground put it in the trash can. The passing test officer saw him and gave him the job.

As long as you develop good habits, you can.

2. It is easy to get ahead
There was a young boy who was an apprentice in the bicycle shop. Someone sent a broken bicycle. The young boy, in addition to repairing the bike, also made the bike look beautiful and new. Other apprentices laughed at him for doing the extra job. The next day, when the owner came back for his bike, he hired the boy to go to work for him.

Do more than what is necessary.

3. It is easy to be beautiful
A child said to his mother, “Mom, you are beautiful today.” The mother asked, “Why?” The child replied, “Because you are not angry today.”

Don’t be angry.

4. It is easy to raise a child
A rancher asked his child to work on the farm every day. His friend said to him, “You don’t have to make the child work so hard.” The owner replied, “I’m not just raising crops. I’m raising my child.”

Teach the value of hard work.

5. It is easy to find a way to succeed
A tennis coach said to his students, “if a tennis ball falls into a field, how do you find it?”

Someone answered, “Look at the center of the field.”
Someone answered, “Look at the bottom of the field.”
Someone answered, “Look where the grass is longest.”
The coach announced the correct answer: “Just look from one end of the field to the other.”

Just count to ten and don’t skip.

6. It is easy to keep it bright
A was always brightly lit. Someone asked, “What brand of lightbulb do you have in your shop? They’re durable.”The shop owner replied, “Our lightbulbs always burn out. We change them out immediately when they break.”

Just change it often.

7. The way to control your destiny is simple
The frog who lived by the field said to the frog who lived by the road, “You are too dangerous here. Come and live with me!”The frog by the road said, “I’m used to it. I’m too lazy to move.”A few days later, the frog on the edge of the field went to visit the frog on the road, only to find that he had been crushed by a car that had gone off the road.

Just stay away from laziness.

8. It is easy to get rid of a heavy load
When a chick broke through its egg, there happened to be a turtle passing by. From then on, the chicken carried an eggshell on its back for the rest of its life.

Just let go of your misconceptions.

9. It is easy to become “God”
There was a little pig who asked God to be his disciple. God said he would if the pig helped to clean a calf had just come out of the mire and was covered with mud. “I am a disciple of God,” said the pig in surprise. “Why would I clean a dirty calf?” God said, “How can anyone know that you are my disciple if you do not serve others?”

Just give from your heart.

10. It is easy to be happy
A group of miners were walking in the desert. Everyone was walking with heavy and painful steps. Only one of them was walking happily. Others asked, “Why are you so comfortable?” He smiled and replied, “Because I am carrying the least.”

Just own a little less.

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Chapter 46



When the world lives in accord with Tao,
Racing horses are turned back to haul refuse carts.
When the world lives not in accord with Tao,
Cavalry abounds in the countryside.

There is no greater curse than the lack of contentment.
No greater sin than the desire for possession.
Therefore he who is contented with contentment
shall always be content.
(Translation by Lin Yutang )

There is Tao, then there is peace for the community, and the houses will return to farming. When there is no Tao, war happens frequently; the ponies will be born in the rural areas, what a pitiful.

Greed is the biggest reason for causing the war to happen; will create the scourge of life. It is nothing more than not to content.

So self-knowledge of satisfaction will ensure permanent satisfaction!


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