The Unexpected Rewards from the Mistakes


An MRI study by USC and a group of international researchers has found that having the opportunity to learn from failure can turn it into a positive experience – but only if the brain has a chance to learn from its mistakes. The following stories echo the same results of the USC MRI study.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end.” -Denis Waitley

There was a paper mill worker at work one day; he produced a pile of waste paper, which could not be used to write on because he carelessly made a mistake in the formula. His boss was furious and not only deducted his salary but also fired him. Moreover, he was ordered to take the waste paper home.

The mill worker was dejected and despondent to bring back a pile of useless waste paper.

His wife was cooking dinner when he went home. He slumped at the table, staring at the beef soup that stewed on the stove, thinking about how to tell his wife the bad news that he had lost his job. Suddenly, his wife screamed because the beef soup began to overflow and splash everywhere.

The worker did not think much, and immediately took a few sheets of waste paper that he had brought home, covering the soup that had spilled on the stove and elsewhere. The paper drained the soup.

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He was surprised to see the paper had absorbed all the soup. He could not help but think, “Could there be a use for this paper, even if it cannot be used in writing?”

The worker carefully studied the paper and found that its water absorption was splendid. It could not be used to write, but it could instead be used to dry the water off of areas. He cut the paper into pieces and brought the paper to the market to sell. The absorbent paper quickly became popular.

Later, the worker applied for the patent for his absorbent paper, which he initially made by mistake. As a result, he made a huge fortune.

It is said that this is how paper towels came about. The worker who was fired for using the wrong paper formula instead became one of Germany’s most wealthy people!

When the worker was first fired, how could he expect that the thing that helped him become successful was the wrong product he made that had cost him his job?


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There is also another well-known example of the success of a mistake; it is the origin of Japanese sake. Japanese rice wine was opaque in the early days. One day, as the owner was inspecting the winery, he caught a worker stealing rice wine, who he angrily fired.

The dismissed worker was unhappy, and he wanted to retaliate, so he threw the ashes of the stove into the barrel. By the time the owner found out, the barrel was full of ash; but he also realized that the remaining upper layer of the wine was as clear as water.

The wine owner was not frustrated or upset about the wasted rice wine. Instead, he immediately applied this newly found clarifying method. After many trials and improvements, he started producing clear sake, and it was well received.

The way to make a mistake perfect is to learn from that mistake. If you are simply upset because of the error, you will never know how much reward you might receive from that mistake in the future.

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Prayer of Awakening Our Strength



I found this prayer, originally in Chinese, at a time of great stress, and it gave me hope and comfort in that time, so I have decided to translate the prayer for my readers.

Prayer of awakening our strength


God and I are one
I am not only mere flesh; inside me is the presence of love.
I am a spiritual being; a manifestation of the perfection of love, beauty, and kindness.

My true self has infinite love, light, and wisdom.
Because of love, my heart is completely free; I can totally live a life of love and connotation.
I come to this world not to suffer, but to learn love, to give love, to convey love; to awaken the love of hearts of people, and also to enjoy the fullness of life and beauty.

I am a capable person, I am a rich being, and perfection is my other name!
I am not alone, I have never been alone; because God and I are a whole. All things and I are one.
Though I appear as flesh, I am a spiritual being; the perfect presence of the sacred and the entire satisfaction.

I appreciate my divinity, and I respect the deity of others as well.
How I respect God, likewise I respect others.
My every breath is the breath of God, I always remember I am loved, I always remember to have a connection with Him. I always call on God.
He created all that we need, and He and I are one. He and I are inseparable!

I thank all the things in my life; I thank God. He is with me all the time. I appreciate the wisdom of the universe. It connects with me every moment.
Ceaselessly I look to the goodness and come back to my nature. I continually return to the being of joy and perfection.

May I not see other people’s fault, only to see the goodness in them. May I not see the darkness of the people, only to see their inner light.


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The stream of boundless joy has flowed into me and filled me.
Infinite wisdom has also gushed into me and inspired me;
Unlimited prosperity has run into me and guided me.

Unconditional love shines brightly in my heart.
Immeasurable wisdom brings the light into me.
Eternal life appears inside of me like an endless stream;
A steady flow of the fountain of life emerges with furious energy.

Now, my heart is ready, and I am completely open for what is to come.

Making A Crisis Into A Favorable Turn


Making a crisis into something favorable is possible. A crisis can also be a turning point.

A young man is determined to be a pastor.
In the United States, if you want to become a pastor, you need to pass an examination, one of which involves public speaking.
The young man came half a month early to the testing center, and he stayed in a hotel room to prepare his speech.
After he had written the speech, he read it aloud in the room every day, until he could even recite it backwards fluently.


Image result for image of giving a speech for examination
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He was well prepared and full of confidence to take the test on the day of examination. He picked up a random number, sat down, and listened to the speeches by the candidates before him.
There was one person before him, and he was surprised to discover that the presentation of the individual on the stage was the same as his!
Looking more closely at the person, he realized that the man had lived the hotel room next to his.
There was no doubt that the candidate had eavesdropped on his loud reciting in his hotel room, and had then plagiarized his speech.
The student tried to suppress his anger and panic, desperately looking for a way out.
Suddenly, a light came upon him; he found a way.
He went to the stage calmly and gave his speech.
His speech was received with warm applause, and he passed the exam at the end.
How did he do it?
Do you want to know how he did it?

This is what he said:
“To be a pastor, you need to be patient, able to listen, and capable of memorizing.
I will now demonstrate that I can repeat the previous speech word for word. ”
He began to recite the speech that he had practiced diligently. His speech was more exciting than that of the previous candidate, and the audience gave him warm applause.

This serves as an excellent example of making a crisis into a favorable turning point. It is done by staying calm and composed to deal with it at a time of peril.

Let Go Then You Will Gain


Image result for image of pot on top of the campfire

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The teacher asked, “What should I do if someone has to boil water and find that there is not enough wood for the fire to boil all the water?”

Some students answered:  “You should hurry and gather, borrow, or buy the wood.”

The teacher said, “Why don’t you pour some of the water out from the pot?”

The students were enlightened. All things cannot be completely wishful. Sometimes you have to let go to gain. We search for answers for our problems, but often it is not far away in the mountains but within proximity.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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Beautiful roses to all the mothers in the world!
























I was inspired to write this article after I witnessed the birth of a baby on Feb 24, 2010. I would like to dedicate it to my mom and the admirable mothers of the world.

Oh, mom! I love you!
When you burst out crying and used all of your strength to push
That was after
Eighteen hours on an empty stomach
Three hours of continuous effort
And overturning the doctor’s decision to do a Cesarean-section half an hour before
I finally came out to this world

Oh, mom, I admire you!
Even though with your hard and long efforts to push
There was no sign of my coming out with what little strength you had left
You still wanted to try for another half hour
You yourself are such a tiny girl,
but you have a giant heart of giving everything you have
To the unborn child of yours

Oh, mom, I am very sorry ,forgive me not being able to help!
I felt the pain inside of you
I could visualize the flow of your tears
I heard your cries
Yet I sensed the determination and love streaming from you
I knew then that love would prevail
That all the hindrances would melt away by the power of love

Oh, mom, I thank you!
Your effort was not in vain
I finally join you and daddy in your world
I burst out of crying
When the doctor gently opened my mouth with his love and kindness
When the nurse softly cleansed me
I cried feeling the love all around me

Oh, mom, I love you the most!
I wanted to proclaim to the whole world
I might not be born with a golden spoon
But for sure I was born with love
Unconditional love, sacrificial love
The most precious love
The love of my dearest mom

Oh, mom, I really, really love you!!!!!

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