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Where Is God’s Perfection? (3)

Where is God’s Perfection? (2)

Where is God’s Perfection? (1)

Thankgiving Story-2

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Happy Mother’s Day

I shared this video on my loveneverending Facebook, and I like to share with the readers here too. The video is called “Unsung Hero”. The advertisement was made by Thai Life – and insurance company based in Bangkok. Many people perform acts of kindness toward the others, and they do not get recognition. They make …

Polish Divorce (from my friend’s e-mail) A Polish man moved to the USA and married an American girl. Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well. One day he rushed into a lawyer’s office and asked him if he could arrange a divorce for him. The lawyer said that getting a divorce would …

Jack decided to go skiing with Bob, a good friend of his. They put their luggage into Jack’s mini bus and drove straight to the north. But they were caught in a storm after a few hours of driving. They turned into a farm nearby, where they met a beautiful and attractive woman. They asked …

    How was I to know that a single car could behold so many miracles? I couldn’t have known, but He sure did. It all started because I needed a new car for work. Working within the home health field, I was required to drive around a lot, which is why the safety and …

Illustrator: © Ji-Hyuk Kim
Often we are so busy that we forget how much happiness the little things can bring us. South Korean artist Ji-Hyuk Kim reminds us through illustrations that happiness lies in the details of daily life, whether it is a night outing or a meal with family and travel, will please us. He believes that every day there is always something that makes us smile, let us feel happy again!




每天我們都在忙碌中忘記,微小的事情能帶給我們多少幸福。韓國藝術家 Ji-Hyuk Kim 通過插畫提醒我們,幸福就在日常生活的細節中,可以是晚上出外散步,或與家人聚餐及旅遊,都會為我們帶來愉悅。藝術家認為,每天都有讓我們願意微笑的事情,讓我們重新感受到幸福吧!

How Lao Tzu wishes the readers to apply his concepts to their daily life, because acting from compassion and humbleness is the secret to the winning.

because instead of asking why.. you picked on her

I would like to share with you this heartfelt story.  I am sure it will brighten your day, just as it brightens mine. The original article can be found here. July 31, 2016 by Lauren Levy When a family was seated at his table, this waiter had no idea what they had just been through. …

Monkey trap

Holding on to something can be a source of pain. If we allow it to come and go, it’s easier to let go.

Today is the “three end-days”: It is the end of the week, the end of the mouth and the end of the year. It is rare to see three end days happen at the same time. We are blessed to pass this year in peace! Tomorrow is the “three first days”: It is the first …

大國者下流,天下之交,天下之牝。 牝常以靜勝牡,以靜為下。 故大國以下小國,則取小國;小國以下大國,則取大國。 故或下以取,或下而取。 大國不過欲兼畜人,小國不過欲入事人。 夫兩者各得其所欲,大者宜為下。 The big country is like the downstream of the river It is the converging point of the world The female of the universe. The female always overcomes the male with quietude Lying low in stillness. Thus if the big country is humble to the small country Then it can …


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