I’m Changing

I'm changing
I'm changing

The image is from Social Business News.

The following is an excerpt from the Chinese article “I’m Changing! “
The author is Ma Hui, part-time editor-in-chief of Tsinghua Press:

” A friend of mine is nearly sixty years old, and I asked him how he had changed. He replied:

  1. I’m changing! I used to love my parents, my brothers, my spouse, my children, my friends, but now I love myself.
  2. I’m changing. I learned that I am not God, and I cannot carry the world.
  3. I’m changing. I stopped bargaining with market vendors. Paying a little bit more has little effect on me, and could help these people save their children.
  4. I am changing. When I pay the taxi fare, I no longer wait for the driver to find change, and giving him a tip may get a smile. After all, he works much harder than I do to earn a living.
  5. I’m changing. I no longer said to the old man, “you have told this story many times.” After all, this story helps them relive memories and revisit past events.
  6. I am changing. I learned to not correct others, even if they are wrong. After all, it is not my responsibility to make everyone perfect. Making things peaceful and enjoyable is worth cherishing.
  7. I am changing. I praise my friends generously. This not only makes the other party’s mood better but also benefits ourselves.
  8. I’m changing. I learned not to worry about creases or spots on my shirt. After all, personality is better than appearance.
  9. I’m changing. I stay away from people who despise me because they don’t understand my value.
  10. I’m changing. I learned not to ruin my friendships by sticking to my guns. After all, the joy alone is not as good as the joy of all.
  11. I’m changing. I learn to live each day as if it was my last day. After all, one day will be my last day.
  12. I’m changing. I am doing what makes me happy. I deserve to make myself happy. It is my responsibility to myself. “

Comment: Often, people put others before themselves, and they overlook their own wellbeing. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love others?

清華出版社兼職總編 馬慧:

1.我正在改變!以前我愛父母、兄弟、配偶、孩子、朋友,但現在我已開始愛我自己 。
5.我正在改變。我不再對老人說,「這個故事你已講很多次了」。 畢竟這個故事讓他們重拾回憶,重溫往事。

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