Heaven And Hell

Thomas Chen pic
Thomas Chen pic

The image is from Thomas Chen.

Someone ask God, what is the difference between the heaven and the hell?

God took him to hell, the people there are eating, they sit around a table which has plenty of delicious food, but they looked all hungry, thin, and suffering. It turned out that each of them had a long spoon in his hand. They tried to put it in their mouths, but they couldn’t.

 God took this person to heaven, heaven people also eat with a long spoon, and unlike the people in the hell is that they share. Each person sends their own spoon to the mouth of others. They look a happy, healthy, and plump. Heaven was full of love and warmth.

God says heaven and hell are just a little bit different. The man realized that hell was only one word short of heaven: “love.”

Perhaps the most needed thing in the world is love, which money can’t buy, it brings you the most joy and happiness.



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