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A Hong Kong reporter had the chance to have a dialogue with the Dalai Lama, and it is quite inspiring. The questions asked and the answers are below:

Q: Is it necessary to go after what has been lost?
The Dalai Lama said: The things that were lost never really belonged to you, anyway, so neither should you regret it, nor pursue it.

Q: Our lives are often tiring, so how can we relax?
The Dalai Lama said: Life is indeed tiring, but remember that only a small part is trying to survive, the bigger part comes from desire and comparison.

Q: How should we grasp yesterday and today?
Dalai said: Don’t let yesterday take up more of today.

Q: How do you treat yourself, and treat others?
Dalai said: Be good to yourself because a lifetime is not long. Be good to the people around you, because you won’t be able to meet them in your next life.

Q: How do you interpret politeness?
Dalai said: A “Sorry” shows sincerity, but a “No sweat” shows a kind demeanor. If you are sincere but do not have a kind demeanor in return, it only shows the ignorance and vulgarity of the other.

Q: How do we find our goals?
Dalai said: If you know where to go, the world will make way for you.

Q: How do we balance happiness with sadness?
The Dalai said: One person has only one heart, yet that heart has two atria. In one there lives happiness, and in another, sorrow. So do not laugh too loud. Otherwise, you will wake up the sadness.

Q: How can we be down to earth?
The Dalai said: For as long as your feet are on the ground, don’t do not make light of yourself too much. As long as you are living on earth, don’t make yourself too big.

Q: Some people say that time will dilute love, what do you think?
Dalai said: Love makes people forget time, while time makes people forget love.

Q: If two people love each other but can not be together, what should they do?
Dalai said: If they cannot be together, let it be. Life is not that long anyway.

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