Change your words, change your world.


A blind beggar sat on the steps of a building with a sign saying “I’m blind, please help me”. Many people walked by, but only a few of them gave him money.

A lady walked by and saw the sign. She wrote something else in the back of the sign, then she put the sign back so that everyone who went by would see the new words.  After that, almost everyone who passed by gave the man money.

The blind man recognized her from her shoes that he touched before when the lady came back. He asked her what she wrote. She told him that she wrote down the same thing, but in different words. “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.”

Should we be surprised that the second sign was more powerful? I do not think so. The first sign simply stated that the man was blind and he needed help, whereas the second one implied that people were luckier than him, because they were able to enjoy a beautiful day.

The second one reminded people to be grateful for what they have, and it brought out the sympathy toward the blind man. Consequently, as a result of this compassion that they are much more open and willing to give him the money.

Moral of the Story: Change your words and it will change your world.

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