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Sahara desert
Sahara desert


The image is from Encyclopedia Britannica.

There was a huge garden in New York that attracted many visitors.

There was a sign outside the garden, which said: “Anyone who whistles when someone steals a tree or a flower will receive a reward of $200.”

“Why don’t you just say, ‘Whoever steals flowers and trees will be fined $200?'” A curious tourist asked the manager.

“Well, if we wrote it like that, we would only rely on my eyes to watch for thieves; but now, there may be hundreds of pairs of vigilant eyes to help us to monitor it!” The manager answered.

Purpose Is the Mother of Faith

There was an expedition from the United States, which took them across the Sahara Desert in intense sun, testing each member’s endurance and strength. Worst of all, everyone’s water container was empty

At this point, the captain took out the only water container with water in it and said:
“There is water here, but to save it, no one can drink the water until we cross safely.”

He let everyone each weigh the bottle with their hands. This heavy water bottle gave them great faith that they could finish this arduous journey.

Finally, the whole team made it across, arriving safely at their destination, and everyone cried. When the team opened the water can that had supported them and gave them the courage to cross the desert, they found that it was not full of water, but instead full of sand…









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