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Bring Happiness to Others



A disciple asked Bodhidharma:
How can I become a happy person and bring happiness to others?

Bodhidharma said:
There are four states that you need to be in to do this.
Start by thinking of yourself as someone else, and this will make you “selfless.”
Next, think of others instead of yourself, this will make you “compassionate.”
Then, treat others as separate people, this will make you “wise.”
Finally, think of yourself as yourself, and this will make you “at ease.”

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Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th or 6th century. He is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Chan Buddhism to China, and regarded as its first Chinese patriarch.
According to Chinese legend, he also began the physical training of the monks of Shaolin Monastery that led to the creation of Shaolin kungfu. In Japan, he is known as Daruma.

Bodhidharma’s teachings and practice centered on meditation and the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra. The Anthology of the Patriarchal Hall (952) identifies Bodhidharma as the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism in an uninterrupted line that extends all the way back to the Gautama Buddha himself.[16] (

The following is Bodhidharma’s teaching in Chinese:

Next, think of others instead of yourself, this will make you “compassionate.”
Then, treat others as separate people, this will make you “wise.”
Finally, think of yourself as yourself, and this will make you “at ease.”

The Trilogy of Life in the Eyes of the Famous


The German poet Goethe wrote a poem summarizing the experience of life toward maturity and perfection: “The young, I love your beauty; the middle age, I love your speech; the old age, I love your virtue.”

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The Chinese poet Liu Dabai once wrote a poetry praising the trilogy of life: “Young people are artists and create piece by piece; middle-aged people are engineers, and build one building at a time; the elderly are historians, and you can read their works page by page. ”

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Image of Liu Dabai from中国梦文学网.

The poetry veteran Zang Kejia posted a poem to reflect the poor and tragic lives of the old farmers: “Son, bathe in the soil; Father, sweat in the soil; Grandpa, buried in the earth.”

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Female writer You Jin writes that the drink preferences of different generations of people reflect modern life: “My son likes soft drinks, he only tastes sweet; my father loves coffee, which is bitter but also sweet; my grandfather drinks boiled water because it is very light. ”

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Wang Dingjun, a scholar, has a special understanding of the Trilogy of Life: “God gives us, the small and young to our parents, the strong and energic to the national society. Only by old age, He returns us to ourselves.”

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For the Chines text, please click the link

人生三部曲/The Trilogy of Life


The Value of a Stone



A man went to visit the Zen Master and asked him what the value of life is. The master gave him a stone, and told him to take the stone to the vegetable market for evaluation, but do not sell it. The person did so, and most people just ignored the rock. Finally, one person offered to pay five dollars for it. He said he would use it to press vegetables to make pickles. The man took the stone back to the master told him that someone wanted to buy it for five dollars.

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The Master said to take it to the quarry for evaluation, but do not sell it. He took the stone to the quarry, and people gathered to check its quality and the shape. Finally, someone was willing to pay 50 dollars for it to use it for bonsai. The man found it kind of interesting and went back to tell the master that someone wanted to buy it for 50 dollars.

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The Master smiled and said: “Tomorrow you take it to the diamond market for valuation, and find out how much it is worth.” The man brought the stone to the diamond market. Many people wanted to look at the stone, and one person offered him fifty thousand dollars. The man happily ran back to tell the master; others said that this stone is a diamond and worth 50,000 dollars!

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The value of life depends on what perspective with which you look at yourself. If we look at ourselves as a stone to press pickled vegetables, then we are worth only a few dollars. If we consider we are a rock for the bonsai then we worth tens of dollars. If we think we are the priceless diamond, then we are the priceless diamond. So how you see yourself is the key.

How you look at yourself is how God will fulfill your life for you.

Lao Tzu and His Friend


Legend has it that Lao Tzu lived to be more than one hundred sixty years old. Neighbors and friends came to pay their condolences. Everyone was overcome with grief as they remembered Lao Tzu for his natural, non-combative, kind, and merciful personality.

Chin Shih came and cried out loud without kneeling and worshipping. He simply used his hand to salute; then he came out.

People stopped him and asked: “Are you not the Master’s friend?”

He replied: “Yes.”

“But is it not disrespectful for you to mourn him like that?”

He replied: “Yes.”

People were angry and questioned him, “What is your reason for acting so indifferent?”

He replied: “Lao Tzu told us that birth is not happy, and death is not sad. His birth is simply none becoming existence and following the flow of nature, so there is no reason to be happy. Whereas his death illustrates the beingness become nothingness again, so similarly there is no reason to be sad.”

He continued, “When I see those mourners, I see that there are the elderly who cry for him as if he was their son and younger people who cry for him as if he was their father. When they gather together like this, there must be those who don’t want to come but come anyhow and those who don’t want to cry but cry anyway. This is going against one’s feelings and forgetting one’s given nature. The ancients would call this the punishment for denying the true nature.

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When it was suitable to come into the world, the Master came at the right time. When it was suitable to depart the world, the Master left naturally. If one can calmly wait for the right moment and go with the natural flow, sadness and joy cannot enter the heart. The ancients would call that being released by the Emperor from hanging upside down.”

After listening to his words, the neighbors seemed to understand more, and then asked: “Since you are not sad, why did you cry out three times?” He laughed: “I cry three times, not because of sadness, but instead to bid a farewell to my friend Lao Tzu. The first cry was to tell him his birth suited the natural time and the second cry is also telling him that his death is in line with the natural reason. The third is because he taught the natural inaction of the truth is also in line with the nature of the other.”

After listening to him, the neighbors and friends all agreed that he was a true friend of Lao Tzu, so they wanted him to in charge the burial.
Here is the eulogy he wrote:
“Lao Tze-a distinguish sage, practice Tao for heaven, focus on great harmony, his works is imperishable.”

Everyone Has A Reason



Everyone who appears in your life has a reason.

People who like you give you warmth and courage.

People you like help you learn about love and self-esteem.
People you don’t like teach you to be tolerant and respectful.
People who do not like you help you to see yourself and grow.

No one is present in your life for no reason, and the emergence of each person has a reason; they are worthy of gratitude.


You are happy because you take it lightly. You are content because you are not bothered by anything.

We are the guests of heaven and earth; there are many things in the world, and we cannot be their master.

For example, things of the past, and people who are separated from us.
“心” 字三個點,沒有一個點不在往外蹦。

The Chinese word for “Heart” has three dots; every dot wants to jump out.


The more you try to catch it, often the faster it will run away from you.
The lighter you treat life, the less pain you will feel.
Everyone is afraid of not being conscious, and hopes their mind is as clear as a mirror.

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