Story of enlightenment.

Wait to Take Action


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Most of my colleagues were very excited because a new manager transferred to our department. We had heard that he was capable, and he had come to reorganize the business, but after a few days, the new director had done nothing. He showed up at the office politely every day, but just stayed in his room and hardly came out. Seeing that he did nothing, those with bad motives who were initially nervous about his coming became bold and more rampant.

“He is not that capable, just a nice guy. It is easier to fool him than the former manager!”

Four months later, as people continued to feel disappointed towards the new manager, he suddenly took action – he fired all the bad employees, but he promoted the diligent personnel. After taking such a quick and precise action, he seemed to be an entirely different person.

At the year-end dinner party, the new manager gave a speech after everyone had filled and emptied their glasses three times:

“I believe that you were confused by my subdued action when I first came here, and then when I made sudden decisions for the office. I would like to tell you a story so that you will understand why I did so. I have a friend who bought a house with a huge yard. After moving in, he immediately cleared the whole yard. Then he planted new flowers throughout. One day, the original owner came to visit him, and he was shocked to see the yard, asking, “Where are the expensive peonies?”

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Then my friend realized that he had thought the peonies were weeds and had removed all of them.

Later he bought another house, and although the yard was messy, he did not take action right away. And sure enough, the plants he thought were weeds blossomed in the spring. Likewise, the plants that flowered in the summer were what he thought were weeds in the spring. The small trees stood there quietly for half of a year and then began growing beautiful foliage in the autumn.

He waited until late autumn to make sure that he had seen all the plants and recognized the useless weeds and removed them. That way, he could preserve all of the flowers and trees.”

The manager raised his cup and continued:
“Let me toast to everyone here. The office is like a garden; you are all precious flowers. And flowers can not blossom throughout the year. Therefore we can only recognize it after long-term observation!”

Words of Zen


If the rooster crows in the morning, the sky will be bright,
but if the rooster does not crow in the morning, it will still be bright.
The morning is not for a rooster to decide,
but for the one who wakes up.
Some people wake up to pass one day,
but some may live their lifetime without waking up(enlightenment).

A person bought a box of pears,
But the weather was bad for keeping pears,
So he picked the worst one every day to eat,
And finally ate an entire box of rotten pears.

To sum up, save the good ones and eat the rotten ones:
When we eat rotten ones, the good ones we saved become rotten,
So that we always eat the rotten ones.

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The image is from Secrets Of Zen (Japanese Chill Out) – YouTube

Life is like eating pears,
Because if you only see unhappy things every day,
Your whole life will feel unhappy;
Put down the bad things and throw them away instead,
And every day the sun will shine,
And you will be shining forever!
Cherish happiness now!
No one knows how to control the emotion by nature.

Knowledgeable people are always mindful not to let themselves fall into bad moods.

At the parents’ meeting, the teacher wrote these four questions on the blackboard:
2+2=4; 4+4=8

“You miscalculated,” The parents said.
The teacher turned around and said softly: “Yes, you see very clearly that this is wrong, but the other three were right. Why did everyone focus on the wrong answer, and never mention what was right?”
The teacher said, “Parents, education is not about finding what is incorrect, but appreciating what children did right.”
If you are good for a person a hundred times, they forget all of those times when you are bad once!
Here is human reason, where 100 – 1 = 0.

In fact, we make the same mistakes between family members.

The original Chinese text is from

For the Chinese text, you can click on

The Fox and the Tiger


One day, a tiger was walking around the forest. Suddenly, he saw a fox and caught it. He thought, “I will have an enjoyable lunch today.”

However, the cunning fox knew that he would be doomed if he didn’t lie. He told the tiger, “I am one sent by the king of heaven. If you eat me, the king will not forgive you, as I went sent by him to be the king of the forest.”

The tiger replied, “Prove that you’re the king of the animals.”

The fox said, “Just follow me, and see how the other animals treat me.”

The tiger followed the fox deep into the forest, and on the way, they saw rabbits, goats, deer, and bears. When they saw the tiger, they were afraid and ran for their lives. After they had walked around, the fox proudly told the tiger, “You see? All the animals in the forest fear me.” What the tiger didn’t realize was that they were actually afraid of him. But he believed the fox’s lie and the fox escaped his fate of being eaten.

The fox not only escaped the fate of being eaten but also got to strut around the forest as if he was feared as much as the tiger.

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This story is from Chinese saying, “狐假虎威.” It is used to refer to those who bully or frighten others by relying on other people’s power. We should recognize their tactics.


Dalai Lama’s Answers


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A Hong Kong reporter had the chance to have a dialogue with the Dalai Lama, and it is quite inspiring. The questions asked and the answers are below:

Q: Is it necessary to go after what has been lost?
The Dalai Lama said: The things that were lost never really belonged to you, anyway, so neither should you regret it, nor pursue it.

Q: Our lives are often tiring, so how can we relax?
The Dalai Lama said: Life is indeed tiring, but remember that only a small part is trying to survive, the bigger part comes from desire and comparison.

Q: How should we grasp yesterday and today?
Dalai said: Don’t let yesterday take up more of today.

Q: How do you treat yourself, and treat others?
Dalai said: Be good to yourself because a lifetime is not long. Be good to the people around you, because you won’t be able to meet them in your next life.

Q: How do you interpret politeness?
Dalai said: A “Sorry” shows sincerity, but a “No sweat” shows a kind demeanor. If you are sincere but do not have a kind demeanor in return, it only shows the ignorance and vulgarity of the other.

Q: How do we find our goals?
Dalai said: If you know where to go, the world will make way for you.

Q: How do we balance happiness with sadness?
The Dalai said: One person has only one heart, yet that heart has two atria. In one there lives happiness, and in another, sorrow. So do not laugh too loud. Otherwise, you will wake up the sadness.

Q: How can we be down to earth?
The Dalai said: For as long as your feet are on the ground, don’t do not make light of yourself too much. As long as you are living on earth, don’t make yourself too big.

Q: Some people say that time will dilute love, what do you think?
Dalai said: Love makes people forget time, while time makes people forget love.

Q: If two people love each other but can not be together, what should they do?
Dalai said: If they cannot be together, let it be. Life is not that long anyway.

Short Stories of Enlightenment


The original text of this article was in Chinese, and the author is unknown.

During an enemy attack, a soldier found a cave to take cover in. The enemy was trying to chase him so he went into the cave, praying that they wouldn’t see him there. All of a sudden, he felt a spider bite him. He was about to kill the spider, but he felt merciful and let the spider go. The spider climbed over to the opening of the cave and started to spin the web over the entrance. The enemy came up to the cave and saw that the web was untouched, so they figured nobody was in the cave. Thus, the soldier’s life was saved.

Image result for images of spider web in cave

Image is from Technology of the Heart (Prophet and Abu Bakr in the cave | Metaphysics of the spider web)

Enlightenment: Sometimes, when we help others we end up helping ourselves as well.

A father lost his pocket watch and searched everywhere for it. But, try as he might, he couldn’t find it after many hours. After he had left the room, his son came in and found it right away. His father asked, “How did you discover it?” He replied, “I just sat there quietly until I could hear the tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock.”

Image result for image of pocket watch

The image is from Gentleman’s Gazette(The Pocket Watch Primer)

Enlightenment: Sometimes, if we are too busy and anxious trying to find something we want, we fail. But if we quiet down, we not only get what we want, but we also hear our inner voice.


There was a traveler who stopped by a temple and saw a monk. He asked him, “Before you became an enlightened monk, what do you do?” The monk replied, “I chop wood, carry water, and cook.” The traveler said, “What about after you became a monk? What do you do now?” The monk said, “I chop wood, carry water, and cook.” The traveler asked, “So there is no difference?” The old monk said, “Before becoming a monk, when I chop wood, I would worry about carrying water. When I carried the water, I would worry about cooking. When I was cooking, I would worry about chopping wood. But after becoming a monk, when I chop the wood, I just chop the wood. When I carry the water, I just carry the water. When I cook, I just cook.”

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The image from ANTHONY ZOLEZZI | Chopping Wood

Enlightenment: We must live in the present; the “Dao” is very simple. We just need to use our common sense to understand it.


If you hold a 25-pound child, you won’t feel tired because you love him. But if 25 pounds of stone has replaced this child, I’m sure you will tire much more quickly.

Image result for image of holding a baby

The image is from How to Hold a Baby | Infant Care

Enlightenment: If a person doesn’t like what they are doing, no matter how talented or smart they are, they cannot fully develop their potential. But if they like what they do, then you will be surprised to see how much their ability has increased. A lot of times, if we don’t achieve something, it is not because we are not capable. It may not be in our favor or our interest.


During the Second World War, a Jewish family was being prosecuted. The family’s two sons went out to seek help. The older son looked for someone who helped him before while, the younger one went to look for someone he had helped before. In the end, the older son was rescued, but the younger son was betrayed.

Enlightenment: Whoever loves you will continue to help you willingly. But whomever you love will not necessary always do the same.


A robin was flying to the east when he met a dove. They rested on a tree, and the dove asked the robin where he was going. He replied, “I don’t want to leave. But the residents of this neighborhood said that my song is ugly.” The dove said, “Don’t try so hard. If you can never change your voice, wherever you go, you will not be welcome .”

Image result for images of robin

The image is from American Robin, Identification

Enlightenment: We cannot change our environment, only ourselves.


A donkey fell into a dry well. People tried to save him, but it was impossible, so they decided to bury the donkey there. At first, the donkey cried sadly when he felt the soil on his back, after a while; he fell silent. Then the donkey started to shake off the dirt when it hit his back and stomped it under his foot. Gradually, the soil under his feet made him move higher and higher. With the increased height, he was able to jump out of the well, to everyone’s surprise.

Enlightenment: When life throws challenges at us, we have a choice. We can cry, complain, and idle. Or we can take action by shaking off the dirt that is thrown on us and move upward.

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