Story of enlightenment.

Wisdom in Calmness(2)


There was a wealthy merchant who, to avoid losing his money, replaced all his wealth with gold and silver. He made a unique paper umbrella, and carefully concealed the gold and silver in the umbrella handle, then he dressed as an ordinary citizen, and got ready to head back to his hometown to retire with this umbrella. However, he accidentally dozed off on the train, and he realized the umbrella had disappeared when he woke up! After carefully observing, this experienced businessman noticed that the package he carried was still in good condition. So he knew that the person who took the umbrella was not a professional thief, but someone who happened to pass by and just took the umbrella by mistake, and that the man should be nearby.

The merchant then settled down there, and he purchased umbrella repair tools to make a living by repairing umbrellas. Two years went by, but he did not find his umbrella. However, as he fixed umbrellas, he learned that people would just buy new umbrellas when they were not worth repairing.

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The merchant then changed his banner to “an old umbrella for a new one,” without charge. The people who came to replace their umbrellas came in regularly. Not long after, a middle-aged man with a shabby oil paper umbrella came in in a hurry. The merchant took a look at it, and it was the umbrella that he had been searching for – and the umbrella handle was still intact. He quietly gave the man a new umbrella. After the man left, he went back to his residence to tidy up his belongings and disappeared without a trace.

There is wisdom in calmness. The curator of the museum deliberately made his case loud to everyone, while the merchants handled his loss silently. Their wise actions derived from calm. In the face of sudden incidents, both of them dealt with it calmly, eventually transforming the situation into something better.

In life, learning to be calm is a valuable asset. It will let you know that if there are storms and dark clouds in front of you, anxiety and distress will not only make things worse but sometimes it will make things disastrous. The calm will allow you to stabilize your position and restore your losses.

Calmness is a kind of wisdom, but also a sort of resilience. More than 80 years ago, a fire burned down Thomas Edison’s laboratory. Edison stood on the ruins and said: “Now we can start again!” I believe that anyone who knows this would admire Edison’s words of calmness.

Wisdom in Calmness(1)



A museum was broken into by thieves, and ten valuable pieces were lost. However, a precious diamond ring was not stolen. After many attempts by the police to find clues, the curator of the museum, who had been very calm at the time, proposed to let the television station interview him. The reporter asked him: “How many cultural relics were lost?” The curator answered: “A total of 11 artifacts were lost.” The reporter asked: “Are these artifacts precious?” The curator replied: “Yes, they are valuable, especially a priceless diamond ring that was taken!”

Shortly after this time, the police managed to find the thieves who had stolen from the museum. The reason why was very simple. Several thieves were caught by the police during a fight. They fought because each of them was suspicious of whoever secretly kept the eleventh artifact – the diamond ring.


This is the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction: the 8.41 carat gem sold for $17.8 million

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Zeno’s Circle



Legend has it that a student once asked Zeno: “Teacher, your knowledge is many times more than ours. The question you answered is correct, but why are you so humble? ”

Zeno drew one small and one big circle on the blackboard and said: “Our knowledge is like a circle. Inside the circle are things you know about, and outside the circle are things you don’t know. The area of the big circle is my knowledge, the area of the small circle is your knowledge, so my knowledge is more than yours.

But outside these two circles are things you and I don’t know. The circumference of the big circle is larger than that of the small circle so that I may have more knowledge, but I also realize that there is still more I do not know. This is why I am humble. ”

Socrates said, “All I know is that I know nothing.”He implies that the more people know, the more they understand their ignorance. Even the largest circles still cannot compare with the blank space outside. The more knowledge they accumulate, the more aware they become. Space is infinite even though the circles are big. So the more knowledgeable people are, the more they know that they do not know enough.

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In another word, a person with a large circle knows a lot but also knows there are still things they don’t know, so they have to be humble. A person with a small circle knows only a little, so they think the whole world is in their hands.


Zeno of Elea was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher of Magna Graecia and a member of the Eleatic School founded by Parmenides. Aristotle called him the inventor of dialectic. He is best known for his paradoxes, which Bertrand Russell has described as “immeasurably subtle and profound.”

Zeno of Elea – Wikipedia

A Good Deed is Not Hard to Do


As an Asian, I know that we have a habit of giving cash as a wedding or birthday gift. I am no exception. I prefer to give some money because I do not have time to buy a gift from a shop. I also know that whatever presents I pick may not necessarily be what they like.

I have done the cash as a gift thing for many years now. So for my son-in-law’s birthday, I did the same, of course. Rushing out of freeway, I went in the bank a couple of minutes before closing time. I told the cashier that I needed two brand new one hundred bills as a gift.

I saw him take out two hundred dollar bills and lay them on the table. Suddenly, I heard the noise from the counting machine, and he took out a stack of bills. It was a lot, maybe over hundred of them. I was surprised and worried that he mistakenly thought I withdrew a lot. Softly, I reminded him that all I needed were two, but he just smiled at me and examined this stack of hundred dollar bills. He looked at each, and after a moment I could tell that he was picking the best and newest ones. Finally, he pulled two bills, looking satisfied.

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Standing there, I was amazed by his action. It was just two bills, but he went the extra mile to find me the best ones from the stack. What a warm feeling he gave me. He may never know this, but his attitude has inspired me to do the same for the others. That is, to treat others from the heart and always go an extra mile to help them.

It Is Simple



1. It is very simple to get a reward.
There was a person who went for an interview for a new job. As he walked into the building, he picked up some litter on the ground put it in the trash can. The passing test officer saw him and gave him the job.

As long as you develop good habits, you can.

2. It is easy to get ahead
There was a young boy who was an apprentice in the bicycle shop. Someone sent a broken bicycle. The young boy, in addition to repairing the bike, also made the bike look beautiful and new. Other apprentices laughed at him for doing the extra job. The next day, when the owner came back for his bike, he hired the boy to go to work for him.

Do more than what is necessary.

3. It is easy to be beautiful
A child said to his mother, “Mom, you are beautiful today.” The mother asked, “Why?” The child replied, “Because you are not angry today.”

Don’t be angry.

4. It is easy to raise a child
A rancher asked his child to work on the farm every day. His friend said to him, “You don’t have to make the child work so hard.” The owner replied, “I’m not just raising crops. I’m raising my child.”

Teach the value of hard work.

5. It is easy to find a way to succeed
A tennis coach said to his students, “if a tennis ball falls into a field, how do you find it?”

Someone answered, “Look at the center of the field.”
Someone answered, “Look at the bottom of the field.”
Someone answered, “Look where the grass is longest.”
The coach announced the correct answer: “Just look from one end of the field to the other.”

Just count to ten and don’t skip.

6. It is easy to keep it bright
A was always brightly lit. Someone asked, “What brand of lightbulb do you have in your shop? They’re durable.”The shop owner replied, “Our lightbulbs always burn out. We change them out immediately when they break.”

Just change it often.

7. The way to control your destiny is simple
The frog who lived by the field said to the frog who lived by the road, “You are too dangerous here. Come and live with me!”The frog by the road said, “I’m used to it. I’m too lazy to move.”A few days later, the frog on the edge of the field went to visit the frog on the road, only to find that he had been crushed by a car that had gone off the road.

Just stay away from laziness.

8. It is easy to get rid of a heavy load
When a chick broke through its egg, there happened to be a turtle passing by. From then on, the chicken carried an eggshell on its back for the rest of its life.

Just let go of your misconceptions.

9. It is easy to become “God”
There was a little pig who asked God to be his disciple. God said he would if the pig helped to clean a calf had just come out of the mire and was covered with mud. “I am a disciple of God,” said the pig in surprise. “Why would I clean a dirty calf?” God said, “How can anyone know that you are my disciple if you do not serve others?”

Just give from your heart.

10. It is easy to be happy
A group of miners were walking in the desert. Everyone was walking with heavy and painful steps. Only one of them was walking happily. Others asked, “Why are you so comfortable?” He smiled and replied, “Because I am carrying the least.”

Just own a little less.

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