Best Use of This Quarantine Period -Sadhguru

The flower in my yard
The flower in my yard

find this video inspiring and enlightening, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

How to Make Best Use of This Quarantine Period – With Sadhguru in Challenging Times – 23 Mar.2020

7:13 -17:51 Talk
12:00-17:00 Amazing speech
17:58 Q. 1. Is Coronavirus nature’s way of teaching us a lesson?
24:34 Q. 2. Is there anything Isha volunteers all over the world can do to make this situation a little bit better?
27:18 Q. 3. What’s the next step for people who haven’t learned any of your practices so far?
32:22 Q. 4. How to not panic in this situation when our dear ones are far away?
35:15 Q. 5. Divorce rates went up in China after the lockdown. Any tips for Indian couples?
37:10 Q & A ends

37:55 Post-credits scene

With Chinese subtitle

5:45谈话开始 -15:57谈话结束

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